Fred Lamb

"Memories are my freedom, and hope my only liberty" Fred Lamb Dad. Grandad. Husband. Soldier. Prisoner of war number 221998 and a grower of what looked to a four year old in 1970 like a 100 miles of perfect roses. A good guy. A quiet man. Strong and always smiling. This is a story of … Continue reading Fred Lamb

The Freedom Flame

Here is the ‪Freedom Flame‬ in a stunning shiny brass lamp. It is standing in it's new home in The Creative and Cultural Company Artspace on the Harbour Deck of Hull's Princes Quay Shopping Centre, on a beautiful plinth, especially carved for the flame by Allen Stichler.  Originally lit by Field-Marshall Montgomery in 1948, and … Continue reading The Freedom Flame

Liberation Exhibition: Pride of Place

This is the last part of a chapter in a story to be told as part of the Liberation exhibition at the Creative & Cultural Art Space on the ground floor Harbour Deck of Princes Quay, Hull from the 9th May. Please visit and read the rest of the story there. The Liberation Exhibition is … Continue reading Liberation Exhibition: Pride of Place