Richard Brautigan and The Honest Ulsterman

We are delighted that our song American Dust is featured in the Honest Ulsterman, seminal Northern Ireland literary review magazine. Picking up a copy of The Honest Ulsterman in Hull University Library in the early 1970s, Philip Larkin was said to have gasped in horror, "Good God, do we subscribe to this?" How cool. Our song features in John F Barber's most … Continue reading Richard Brautigan and The Honest Ulsterman

Our tribute to Richard Brautigan

Rich and I wrote and recorded a song inspired by the last of  Richard Brautigan's novels published before he died in 1984. The novel is called 'So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away'  and our song is called 'American Dust' - you'll know why if you have read the book. You can hear American … Continue reading Our tribute to Richard Brautigan