A Bumper Edition!

Barker & Son

It was a Bumper Edition of our Loudhailer Acoustic Night at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar last night with a packed house and no less than 15 performers. There were more guitars lined up than in many a music shop. Rich & I opened up with a couple of songs especially for the occasion, The Goole Captain and a protest song (special thanks to Gifford Rolfe for playing harmonica). It was great to welcome back Gifford with another superb set of songs and then, a fine trio of poems from Snaith based poet, Roy Kibbler who had everybody laughing.

The night was full of highlights, and we were delighted to welcome Barker & Son to Atkinson’s. Sally Barker and I have had some fun in the past – letting the tyres down in the band van which was wedged in a car park in Paris, antics with Sally’s Army in Leicester – but tonight it was all about the future, and the second generation of Barker musicians, Dill, played a cool bass to some fabulous favourite songs. I loved Sally’s tale of the floating brothel, and her song ‘Haul Away’. The room was full of harmonies. Check out this lovely video of Sally and the Poozies’ recent gig at Edinburgh Queen’s Hall.

Before the break, we welcomed a new Loudhailer Acoustic guest, Paul Costello, whose country songs and lovely guitar were cool and easy. Paul’s ‘I drove passed our Avenue today’ was a fine country song and one of a couple of particularly notable song titles during the evening.

Jeff Parsons kicked off the second half with a message about how good the future was going to be in 1977 and we’re really looking forward to hearing his brand new song again. Jeff’s fabulous upside down left handed guitar playing is amazing to watch as well as listen to!

The Smugglers were on top form tonight, there was more soulful Hauling Away, Matt sang it beautifully, we all joined in and I am still singing it this morning!

Here we all are watching The Smugglers

It was excellent to welcome back Karl Oakes, loved his new song inspired by the title ‘So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away’ and there was one of Karl’s own inventions, the (impromptu this time) ‘SurroundSound’ experience.

Look what we found on the back on Karl’s guitar!

Next up, Phil Pipe was hugely entertaining. He won the prize for the best song title for his poignant song ‘Why don’t you smile cruel Jane’ and then had everybody grinning with his songs about drink, drugs and Willerby.

Geoff Durham closed the show with his Yorkshire/English/Spanish set, a lovely finish to the evening. As everybody cheered I looked at the clock and saw that we owe the bar staff Leanne and Vicky a huge thank you for looking after us all.

Next Session – Second Saturday of the month as usual; Saturday October 13th.

And just before we go, here is the poem that Richard didn’t have time for, Richard Brautigan’s Karma Repair Kit;  Items 1-4…the poem that got away!

The poem that got away

See you next time, Rich & Lou


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