Brand New Classics and Flying Capos

There was a lovely vibe at last night’s Loudhailer Acoustic open mic night at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar. Everyone was inspired and trying out new songs. I was mesmerised by at least one song in everyone’s set.

Loudhailer Acoustic October Crew

Three Quarters of The Smugglers started off by showing us some old fishing pictures from Backtrack Hull on an iPad (old and new tech fusion) and as Rich just said, everyone pulled out of the bag a brand new classic.

Karl Oakes’ Sailors Blues 82s (From the Ferens to the ABC) managed to include too many superb lines in one song to quote and I probably won’t remember them right but ‘I was quite metaphysical then’ and ‘let the iron lady rust’ deserve at least a mention. Karl got everyone in the room who had a guitar to join in his next songs, ‘Surround Sound’ Stylee, brilliant!

Next up, Jeff Parsons told a great tale. He was playing 20 year old songs until he came down to a Loudhailer Acoustic night with one new song and since last month has written a brand new album. Jeff played four of them last night, all great songs, and the beautiful ‘I can see that now’ was the single for me.

Rich and I had a top night out a couple of weeks ago when we went to see Martin Clappison’s gig, and last night he came up with a mesmerising new song ‘Sleep tight, right now’, definitely one to keep. Martin finished off the night with a Tom Waites Classic that had capos, and other guitary paraphernalia flying round the room. Fabulous!

Thanks to Laura and Paul for their hospitality, Keely for the photo, Smuggler Matt for the video (hence no Smugglers). See you next time.

Ooo, nearly forgot to say, Rich and I have a gig to ourselves at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar on Saturday 27th October, free entry, but book a table if you are coming, it will be full.


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