Loudhailer Acoustic November 2012

Thanks to everyone who came to play or listen to the musicians at our Loudhailer Acoustic night at Atkinson’s Cafe Bar last night. A packed house and great sets from Martin Clappison, Mike & John and Karl Oakes. Gifford Rolfe’s set went from The Moors Murders to Bill Haley in the blink of an eye – fabulous stuff!

Gifford & Joan

There were five Smugglers on particularly good form with a special guest bassist and the introduction of a cahon. They played a beautiful version of Eric Bogles ‘And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ with Remembrance Day in mind.

It was a night of rousing poetry. Alyx Tamminen’s poems were sparked with superbly controlled intensity. Roy Kibbler had everyone grinning from ear to ear (especially Dexter) and then hit us with some metres to fan the flames of the recent and coming elections here and over the pond.


Rich and I were delighted to be joined by cool guitarist Dexter D-H for one of our opening songs. Dexter and I had a late appointment with Wynken & Blynken, so we missed the second round, and Rich recounted the rest of the evening’s entertainment. Gifford was joined by Joan Foye for a special murder song (written by four women, and please note that no men suffered in the making of this song). I was especially sorry to miss Karl Oakes’ SurroundSound special and shall have to put a request in for one another time. The highlight of John and Mike’s set was John’s beautiful dedication to his wife – a version of ‘Only You’ in which he outplattered The Platters. Martin played two special requests, If I Only had a Brain (which I am still singing this morning even tho I wasn’t actually there, my earworm of the night) and his excellent new song about Lucid Dreaming. The Smugglers rounded off the night with Tales from the Bay and Union Miners – a timely reminder that they have a whole gig to themselves at Atkinson’s on Saturday 24th November, only two tables left, gonna be a top night, book your table now if you want to get in.

We”ll be back with the next Loudhailer Acoustic at Atkinson’s on Saturday December 8th.


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