Loudhailer Acoustic October 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen at last night’s Loudhailer Acoustic at Willerby M.C. Hall. It was another fantastic night, and we really loved the whole evening.October Gang

There was a tasty menu for the evening: A Loudhailer a la carte…


North Mississippi All Stars – New Album – World Boogie is Coming


Rich & Lou: Where will I go?, The Same Sky, Drones & Holograms

Captain Chris Scarlett: Memories of a Wold’s Romance, Living with War, Oliver’s Mount Memorial Stone

Dick Appleton: A Fair Price for Fuel, Ha Ha!, Instrumental

Three Fifths of The Smugglers: Sally Wheatley, Haul Away, Jack Naked

Saffron Byass: Stairway to Heaven, The Power of Love, Let it Go

Jeff Parsons: State of the Union, Insatiable, In Bed with the Tories

Chris Scarlett: Something about England

Dan's pic of us
Smuggler Dan took this photo of us

Just Desserts:

Maria: Cheese and Sesame Wholemeal Scones

Elaine: Castleford Family Chocolate Cake

Lou: White Chocolate Oaty Biscuits

Sheila: Chocolate Eclairs

See you next time, November 9th and don’t forget a special Loudhailer presents – Genfan and Barker Saturday November 16th at Willerby MC Hall. It will be a fantastic night, not to be missed, please pass it on!

Rich & Lou