Loudhailer Electric at The Adelphi


All invited to our brand new night, Loudhailer Electric at the Adelphi, Thursday 27th March – let’s make some noise!

We’re hosting a regular evening at The Adelphi, De Grey Street, Hull, UK. We’re kicking off the first night with a special gig on Thursday March 27th – The Invisibles and Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer Electric Set, featuring special guests.

Come and be entertained at the debut performance of Loudhailer Acoustic regular performers Karl Oakes’ and Graham Brady’s brand new all electric combo The Invisibles.


Who's Hiding in the Hood?
Who’s Hiding in the Hood?

The Invisibles – until now heard but not seen! We are delighted to present their exclusive premiere performance. The Invisibles are: One third Graham Brady, lead guitar and vocals by night creative designer by day. One third Karl Oakes, bass and vocals by night, engaged in arts in locked places by day. One third Craig Tamminen, percussion and blending by night, hephaestus apprentice by day. Mix together to create an explosive original set!


Loudhailer Electric Invisibles inv

Loudhailer Electric launch night, next Thursday 27th March at The New Adelphi ClubThe Invisibles, Graham Brady, Karl Oakes & Craig Tamminen, plus Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer Electric set with special guests Jeff Parsons, Amanda Lowe, Dilzar Shanga, Rich Walker and Things Change Collaboration – Space Dub Jam 8 pm, £3 on the door.

It’s a gig, not an open-mic night, but we like to encourage musical collaborations, so we have invited some friends to guest with us on particular songs to perform an electric set of songs and stories of obsession, murder, love and loss, road movies and science fiction.

Amanda Lowe is guesting on violin, Rich Walker on drums and Loudhailer Acoustic regular, Jeff Parsons on guitar.

Jeff is an amazing guitarist. Although he is right-handed, he plays it left-handed and upside down, and makes some fantastic sounds.

Read more in the Hull Daily Mail article

Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer with special guests Songs and stories, obsession, murder, love & loss, road movies, sci fi…c’mon, let’s give it some Adelphi!

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