Loudhailer Acoustic May 2015

Lou, Catherine and Vivian
Lou, Catherine, Vivian

Rich and I never really know what to expect when we set off for Loudhailer Acoustic – will there be too many people to get three songs each in? Or not enough? Yet at the end of the night heading home we are always buzzing and chatting about the ace performances, highlights of the evening, and good friends we have made through running Loudhailer nights. After the excitement of Filey last weekend we thought it may be a quiet night…but no! We were delighted that so many people who were still brushing the Filey sand away came along, as well as a record five people who came to play for the first time.

Clare and Lisa
Claire and Lisa

So it was ace! Great performances all round. Tony Foster’s finger pickin’ walking blues, Mike Chorley’s original songs, Catherine Scott’s wicked witty spoken word set, Jim Orwin’s brilliant EP songs, Barry Cundill’s fab folk songs and stories, and great to welcome back Jeff Parsons – topical, thought provoking but making you smile at the same time…on the button too.  After the break Lisa Wedgner and Claire Brennan’s double act was utterly engaging. Lisa prowled the stage and wowed us with her amazingly controlled voice and Claire’s piano accompaniment was charming. Vivian Querido played her beautifully haunting world violin tunes and asked me to join her on guitar which I really enjoyed. Graham Graham Beck brought his most excellent new album launch yacht as a prop, and had a secret premier behind a sheet, Dennis Caruana played a sensitive flowing set and Neil Thomas’s set of original songs topped it all off. Oh yes, Rich and I opened up the show with our song about my heroes from Star Trek Voyager, Borg dudess Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, and of course, the first Federation captain to successfully traverse the Delta Quadrant, the unstoppable Captain Kathryn Janeway. And we played Louie Louie as a tribute to Jack Ely, good fun song to play!

A big thanks to the players and audience and here’s Richard’s photos to tell the rest of the story.

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Big thanks again to Paul Sutton at The Back Room, what a lovely venue. Make a date for next time, first Thursday of the month – full details here – so June 4th, be great to see you there! Rich & Lou

And finally, what is Richard doing with that sheet? Click on  the gallery…