Lo-Tech Music for Hi-Tech People

GGB studioThere was a special CD launch at Filey the other weekend when Graham Graham Beck’s fabulous album – Lo Tech Music for Hi Tech People – hit the water and was blown across the boating pond on a little plastic seaside yacht. Rich and I were especially excited by the launch. We are thrilled that Graham invited us to play on three of the songs, and we had a cool afternoon in his studio last November recording some tracks. So, it was fab to play the finished album, complete with fold out insert and even a hand made by Sue Christmas decoration in the packaging. So, Rich contributed 11 string guitar to Whatever Happened to Varian Tye,  and Interstellar harmonicas to The Space Between Us, and I played campfire harmonica on The Lone Ranger and Deep Deep Dub Bass and Celestial vocal harmonies on Varian Tye. How cool! If you would like a copy you can get one here and in the meantime have a listen and gallop along with The Lone Ranger…


Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard
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