Loudhailer Acoustic November 2015

Claire Brennan, Vivian Querido, Lisa Wedgner, Lou Duffy-Howard, Ysabelle Wombwell 5Another great night at Loudhailer Acoustic featured brand new premieres from Vivian, Catherine, Gifford and Graham Graham, four fantastic performers’ debuts, three guitars with an unusually large number of strings, three contrasting keyboards, a multi instrumental one man band, a five piece band of women and a superbly eclectic range of jazz, blues, world, folk, spoken word and indescribably unique genres to boot.

The next Loudhailer Acoustic is Thursday December 3rd – but first, it’s our HullSongs launch night celebration on Friday 27th November at Kardomah94, doors at 7pm. Everyone is welcome, so come along for a special version of Loudhailer Acoustic with music and spoken word from a selection of HullSongs storytellers. It’s all part of the James Reckitt Library Trust/Art for Hull Untold Stories project, building an archive of stories about the city, “whether oral, written, pub sagas, tall tales, misunderstandings, mythologies and even downright mistruths.”

Visit HullSongs here. “Some of the pieces are nostalgic, some personal and poignant, and some are very funny. There are tales from all over Hull – Gypsyville, Longhill, Hessle Road, the River Hull itself. The Orchard Park high rise angels, old record shops of Hull, and even Bun in the Oven by the old bus station get a mention.”

So, here’s the gallery from this month’s Loudhailer Acoustic, photos by Rich except the one of us, thanks to Graham Graham Beck for that. Click on the image to read the reviews and scroll on…

Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen, a great audience, fabulous performances all round and to Paul Sutton at The Back Room in Cottingham, a top live music venue.

Make a date for the next Loudhailer Acoustic, the first Thursday of the month, so December 3rd. Come and join us – full details here, be great to see you there! 

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