Tom Kay’s Album Launch

Tom Kay 1

We were delighted that Tom Kay invited us to play an acoustic Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer set at the launch of his superb new album From the Outside In at Kardomah94. Tom was one of the first people to come and play at Loudhailer Acoustic with beautiful cool songs, like John Martyn and early Tom Waits brought into the 21st Century. He put together a really great evening with a set from the super Emma Fee, a lovely atmosphere and great audience. Tom’s new album is gorgeous. We especially loved his country side, beautifully highlighted by Dave Holley’s pedal steel. Tom created a lovely vibe, his soulful voice perfectly complemented by his stylish and accomplished guitar.

You can tell what a great vibe it was by Rich’s photos of Tom’s fantastic performance…click on an image for the full size picture…

Photographs © Rich Duffy-Howard

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2 thoughts on “Tom Kay’s Album Launch

  1. Thanks Ive not seen great show from all the artists did the city proud as burnsy said thanks for been a part of Tom s album launch 👍


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