The Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets audience and stageThe Dark Secrets new album, Band of Brothers, was launched with a bang at Kardomah94 last night.  The band played a brilliant set including all our favourites, And So It Begins, Space Age, Antarctica, Why Are You So Cold? and Escalation. Rich and I had a dance to Travelling on a Stone, and Jeff played one of his amazing trademark solos to close the night at the end of the bands eponymous track, Dark Secrets. The album, produced and engineered by Dan Foster at Element Studio is ace. What a great night!

Rich took this gallery of photographs, just click and scroll on…

Photographs © Rich Duffy-Howard

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2 thoughts on “The Dark Secrets

  1. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Looks brilliant – If our car hadn’t been knackered we would have been there! Geof’s a great guitarist! Good psychedelic sounds.


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