Fly Into My Vapour Arms

Kerrin Tatman and Freya Bryson’s concert for Amy Johnson was magnificent. Their ethereal and expressive songs and instrumentals ingeniously dramatised their stories using cello, piano, voice, violin and accordion. Kerrin’s striking cello and piano pieces were perfectly complimented by Freya’s theatrical voice, reminiscent of Bjork and Elizabeth Fraser. As the evening sunlight illuminated the resplendent stained glass in the beautiful setting of Hull’s Holy Trinity Church – new modern classically influenced sounds transported us from one century into the next and back – how wonderful.

A Concert for Amy: Music by Kerrin Tatman and Freya Bryson
A Concert for Amy: Music by Kerrin Tatman and Freya Bryson

The whole concert was dedicated to Amy Johnson and her passion for flying parallelled Kerrin and Freya’s passion for music. Our favourite pieces – Dexter chose Kerrin’s instrumental Storytelling and Freya’s Blossom. In the Forest/Apple Tree stood out for Rich. I Ioved Kerrin’s broken chord sections on both piano and cello, but Memoirs of a Slave Girl was utterly intense and mesmerising, so it would have to be that for me.  Kerrin and Freya were joined by violinist Tamara Kazziha and for the final piece, aerial silks performer Claire Harvey. It was a stunning performance from start to finish. We bought their CD, evocatively titled Fly Into My Vapour Arms. We’re listening to it right now, it’s fabulous.

Rich and Dexter took these photos. Click on an image to see the full picture and scroll along…

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