Amanda Lowe & The Aviatrix World Premiere

Last night’s world premiere of Amanda Lowe and The Aviatrix’ full band Amy Johnson Song Cycle was terrific. Amanda put a a great band together and it was super to play with such a fabulous group of musicians.

Aviatrix 3
The Aviatrix – Ellie, Jess, Amanda and Lou

Amanda Lowe – guitar, mandolin and vocals
Ellie Gaynard – violin and vocals
Jessica Lawson – autoharp, guitar, mandolin and vocals
Lou Duffy-Howard – bass and vocals

We flew, did a couple of unexpected loop the loops and made a beautiful smooth landing to a lovely audience at The Amy Johnson Festival’s Zebedee’s Yard stage.

Rich took these photographs. Click on an image to see the full picture and scroll through…

Amanda Lowe’s Amy Johnson Song Cycle: “A brand new collaboration of women musicians – The Aviatrix – perform Amanda Lowe’s specially commissioned Amy Johnson Song Cycle. Expect a vibrant and evocative live performance featuring lush vocal harmonies, autoharp, violin, guitars, mandolin and bass. Come with us on a journey through Amy’s adventures and achievements, her rise to celebrity status, love life and untimely death.”

Here we are after our rehearsal playing a couple of impromptu songs at the Sun Inn in Beverley.


Amanda Lowe Amy Johnson Song Cycle website

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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