We are chuffed to bits to get this Loudhailer Electric Company album review in the legendary underground psychedelic music magazine, Terrascope.

Terrascope done

Here’s some background to the magazine. You can take a trip to Terrascope Online 

Founded in 1989, Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine is one of the most well respected, widely read, frequently quoted independent music journals in the world. Throughout nearly three dozen issues, the Terrascope championed the finest offerings from the world of folk, freakbeat and psychedelia, to Krautrock, prog, punk, free jazz, electronica – and nearly every genre in between. Published by Nick (‘The Bevis Frond’) Saloman in London, editor Phil McMullen assembled some of the finest artists and critics around from his country retreat in the rural West of England and presented exclusive interviews with pioneers in each of the aforementioned musical styles, as well as discovering many new and upcoming artists along the way. Highlights from past issues include interviews with Captain Beefheart, Spirit, Charlie Watts, XTC, Paul McCartney, Caravan, Robert Wyatt, Country Joe McDonald, Frank Zappa & The Mothers, Jefferson Airplane, The Kinks, Quicksilver Messenger Service, David Ackles, Ian Matthews, Arthur Lee & Love, Vivian Stanshall, Bardo Pond, Man, Neutral Milk Hotel, Guided by Voices, Olivia Tremor Control, Hawkwind, the Ramones, Tiny Tim, the Incredible String Band, Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine, Mick Farren & The Deviants – and many, many more. In essence, almost the entire history of rock and roll from the Sixties to the present day has been discussed, dissected, interpreted, and evaluated within its pages.”

dhm-medleyBig high five to the Terrascope team, editor Phil McMullen, and review team Simon Lewis and Andrew Young for our review:

cursus-available-now-poster“Loudhailer Electric Company  Cursus   Duffy Howard Music  https://loudhailer.net or loudhailer@duffyhoward.karoo.co.uk  available on CD Digipak and download.
Hull band Loudhailer Electric Company  are a great festival band with plenty of swirling violins, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass and harmonica. Straight out of the gates we are presented with the sound of a highly competent band that to me sound a bit like a psychedelic  Siouxsie and the Banshees. The band’s songwriter and main vocalist Lou Duffy-Howard had some success  with Red Guitars releasing a few singles and a couple of albums. The album also features some spoken word sections by Rich Duffy-Howard.
Gypsey Race, Aftermath, Hawk Moon and Night Heron are the standout tracks for me, with particular merit going to violinist Chris Heron, who invests these songs with some particularly tasty playing and lead guitarist Jeff Parsons, playing some searing lead guitar lines throughout the proceedings. Terrascope editor Phil McMullen is apparently a big fan of this band.

The album title Cursus, refers to stories of life along the neolithic courses which lead to the tallest standing stone in the UK, at Rudston in East Yorkshire, with the song Gypsey Race about the legendary stream which runs through the wolds and the closer Night Heron about Lake Windermere further out west.” Terrascope March 2017

Cursus is available from all the major digital sales outlets. You can search for us, or click image to visit these…

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Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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