Vanishing – 55°N, 5°E

We spotted 55°N, 5°E music and dance performance because it was happening at The Stage @ the Dock, where we held the Open Bridges musique concrète  world premiere last month. Vanishing’s 55°N, 5°E is based on the true story of The Dogger Bank Incident of 1904 in which a Russian Baltic fleet mistook a British trawler for an Imperial Japanese Navy force and fired on the trawler killing three fishermen, wounding others and almost leading to war between Britain and Russia. The creator of the piece is Vanishing’s electronic music producer Gareth Smith, the great grandson of the skipper who was killed, George Henry Smith. You may have seen the memorial statue to George Henry Smith and the trawlermen on Hessle Road.

Rich, Corey, Dexter and I were all mesmerised by the performance. It was wonderfully atmospheric with meaningful music, dance and spoken word. I loved the instrumentation, beautiful violin, the monolith and the movement.
Rich took this fabulous gallery of photographs. Click on an image to see the full photograph and scroll on:
Photographs copyright Richard Duffy-Howard
For an interview with Gareth and the film of the event held with the Royal Museums Greewich visit the link here


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