Loudhailer Electric Company & the Blood Moon

It was the night of the blood moon when the brewing storm broke with full force. As the heavens opened and thunder & lightning put on an impressive show outside, Loudhailer Electric Company engaged gear at K94 for the hottest gig of the year, Nostalgia! Psychedelia! Poetica!

LECo alt by Sydpix

Thanks to our buddies the fabulous Sleeperman for a marvellous set of nostalgia fuelled songs, to poet Dean Wilson for a terrific poetic performance and to Matt Lund and Kardomah94 for excellent sound and hospitality.

Gallery of Loudhailer Electric Company photographs by Sydpix – click on an image and scroll on….

Thanks to Mike O’Connor’s for his photos:

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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