The WiP 3 at Springboard

Work in Progress – The WIP Three whipped up a storm with two terrific sets at Cottingham Springboard Festival this weekend, the first at the Cross Keys and the second at the King Billy, both to a great audience. New songs in the set – Storm was really something, look forward to hearing that again.  Fantastic gigs guys!  

The WIP Three at Springboard were Cowboy DC guitar and vocals, Kelvin Ramrod Richmond mandolin and Dexter Duffy-Howard fiddle. (Mandi’s 5 string electric, sounded ace). Have a listen to Black Jack and Johnny Come Lately:

Photos by Rich Duffy-Howard.

Next up look out for for Work in Progress, at Engage for Change in Queens Gardens Hull on Saturday June 22nd.

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard


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