LECo Recording New Release!

Loudhailer Electric Company had a brilliant three days recording the next release with Mikey Scott in Studio94. Watch out for the EP coming soon – we’ve got a summer solstice launch party at Kardomah94 Midsummer Night’s Scream, June 21st details here with preview on BBC Introducing the week before.

Have a look at Rich’s gallery of photos, first gallery, LECo in the studio:   

Click on the video to see the Sonic Architect in his Flangection Station… and don’t miss Ensign Bruce in action at the end …  

Second gallery, band adventure to the Lord Line building while Flight Engineer Mikey mixed the tracks:  

Leconauts in the studio: Captain Lou Duffy-Howard – vocals and bass, Ricardo the Astral Bard, Richard Duffy-Howard – acoustic guitar and spoken word vocals, Sonic Architect & Keeper of the Sacred Flangector Jeff Parsons – guitars and backing vocals, Bombardier Rich Walker – drums.  Image creator Brett Hambling. Flight engineer Mikey Scott  at the helm with assistance from Ensign Bruce the dog (see him in action at the end of the video)

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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