Helicopter Arms by Agent Starling

Welcome to Helicopter Arms, the brand new video by Agent Starling aka Lou Loudhailer & Quentin Budworth. It is our composition, the next preview track from our album released later in the year. It’s inspired by Quentin’s glorious hurdy gurdy tune which the song is based around.

The video features a set of close up photos Rich took around the house to illustrate it. This is one of my orchids getting ready to spring open into a glorious, and strange flower.

This video still is a photograph of something of glorious splendour which I collect. Do you know what it is?

Hurdy-gurdy by Quentin Budworth, other instruments by Lou Loudhailer. Also featuring Dexter Duffy-Howard on cello, mastered by Kevin Carafa.

Agent Starling are purveyors of catchy hurdy gurdy tunes, new songs, hypnotic drones, live bass grooves & strings, all accessible sounds with an experimental edge.

Expect lots of new tunes and experiments for release later in the year.


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