The Stonemason’s Dream by Agent Starling

New video released this weekend - The Stonemason's Dream by Agent Starling Available from Bandcamp: A call for cathedral-thinking in the world today The master mason studies the bare ground and sees the sacred building of his children’s futureHis grandchildren’s house of prayerHis great grandchildren’s sanctuaryThe master mason peers at the rock face and … Continue reading The Stonemason’s Dream by Agent Starling

Startling Agent Starling album takes flight and heads for the stars

Agent Starling – Constellation of Birds review in Eighth Day Magazine, written by Dave Hammond Startling Agent Starling album takes flight and heads for the stars ‘Constellation of Birds’ is the third release in a year from Agent Starling, a band centred around Lou Duffy-Howard (Red Guitars, Loudhailer Electric Company) and Quentin Budworth (Suns of Arqa, Celtarabia). … Continue reading Startling Agent Starling album takes flight and heads for the stars

Today’s The Day!

Unable to make a living playing live shows and festivals as usual I've spent much of the last two years writing and recording music remotely with hurdy-gurdy player Quentin Budworth as Agent Starling, with my son Dexter guesting on violin & cello. The third Agent Starling release is album 'Constellation of Birds' and it's released … Continue reading Today’s The Day!

Agent Starling Constellation of Birds

Artist: Agent StarlingAlbum: Constellation of BirdsLabel: DHMWebsite: Agent Starling is a new(ish) project for accomplished musicians Lou Duffy-Howard and Quentin Budworth, supported on violin and cello by Lou's son, Dexter. Bassist and "occasional acoustic guitarist" Lou had indie chart success with Red Guitars (hugely successful back in the day, with their single "Good `Technology" being championed … Continue reading Agent Starling Constellation of Birds

SCANDILAND (HÄLLEFORSNÄSAR) Scandiland (Hälleforsnäsar) by Agent Starling. From album ‘Constellation of Birds’ released February 25 2022 Available from Bandcamp: Agent Starling: Quentin Budworth hurdy-gurdy, other instruments/voice Lou Loudhailer. Violin by special guest Dexter Duffy-Howard. Website:

Princess Julia by Agent Starling

This is the new single by Agent Starling, Princess Julia – a fairy tale of a royal pretender and her secret. Princess Julia is the single from the forthcoming album, ‘Constellation of Birds’ released 25th February 2022. Available from Bandcamp: Visit the Agent Starling website:  Facebook: Twitter: @AgentStarlingUK