Agent Starling

Welcome to Agent Starling, Lou Loudhailer and Quentin Budworth’s new musical collaborative adventure.

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Agent Starling are purveyors of catchy hurdy gurdy tunes, new songs, hypnotic drones, live bass grooves & strings, all accessible sounds with an experimental edge.

Debut album European Howl now available from Bandcamp here:

NEWS FLASH! Brand new album Constellation of Birds, download and limited edition CD now available from Bandcamp:

Loudhailer Electric Company captain Lou has teamed up with Celtarabia chief Quentin who spent the year before lockdown touring Europe meeting with other top hurdy-gurdy players exchanging tunes, techniques and experiences.

Hurdy-gurdy by Quentin Budworth, other instruments and voices by Lou Loudhailer.

This is our first album preview track, Drive the Cold Winter Away also featuring Dexter Duffy-Howard on violin & cello. Immerse yourself in the snow scenes of Quentin’s captivating video to illustrate the tune from Playford’s Dancing Master.

Our composition, inspired by Greek tales of old …

Inspired by the glorious gurdy tune …

“This is wonderful. It has a feeling of antiquity and a feeling of something new. The music is a blast and the images are a constant wow.” Dan Kellaway (Luthier)

“Great video and what a wonderful, unusual sound.” Aine Kennedy

“Beautiful in every way. The music, the playing and the photography are all amazing.” Richard Harries

“Love this stuff soul-moving.” Kelvin Richmond

“This is wonderful. Love the fluid bass figures.” Landi Michaels