Midnight in The Fox’s Den

Rich & I were guests on the award winning Fox's Den Radio Show last night, so we had a night out in Market Weighton. We stayed up til midnight eating cake with Bill and Steve Horncastle, presenters of The Fox's Den on Vixen 101. We played a set of nine Rich & Lou's Loudhailer songs and … Continue reading Midnight in The Fox’s Den

Where Can You Go?

We had a brilliant time in Northumberland and wrote some new Loudhailer Songs. Just recorded this one live in the Hall.   Where can you go if you wanna find me? Down in the valley where the rabbits run free Where can you go if you wanna find me? Over the stream where the heron … Continue reading Where Can You Go?

Spiral Angel by Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer

Translation: Spiral Angel, searing, tearing, empty, void, nil, zero there. Spiral Angel slice down slowly, breastbone painless, meets the air. Someday, one day, now… or never. Ancient echoes seeping through. Spiral Angel incandescent. Ride away, Wings streaming... Go! © Duffy-Howard

Our New Album!

Our new album The Auricula Suite Album released April 2013. Listen to a track from the album - The Same Sky A suite of songs telling of a journey to a new land, a story of love and loss, persecution and a new beginning; inspired by folk tales of the small alpine Primula auricula and … Continue reading Our New Album!