New 4ourth4loor track – Angel

Welcome to the 4ourth4loor a place of ghosts and memories, sublime highs and deathly lows. The new 4ourth4loor preview track - Angel - an account of near death was an experience to sing. It takes you from turmoil and distraction to an uplifting epiphany. Have a listen, watch the film and enjoy your stay…. Come and join us … Continue reading New 4ourth4loor track – Angel

Spiral Angel by Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer

Translation: Spiral Angel, searing, tearing, empty, void, nil, zero there. Spiral Angel slice down slowly, breastbone painless, meets the air. Someday, one day, now… or never. Ancient echoes seeping through. Spiral Angel incandescent. Ride away, Wings streaming... Go! © Duffy-Howard