[/blʌd/ /muːn/ /raɪz:iz/]

Blood Moon Rises by Asa Clubs and Lou Loudhailer (instructions: headphones and dark room). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9t3XYyPYeo&ab_channel=LoudhailerUK Blood Moon Rises is a collaboration with Hamburg based experimental sound and building designer Asa, who recorded the musical soundtrack, and lyricist/vocalist Lou Loudhailer. The wide panned rhythmic heartbeat of the track is taken from Asa's recording when he left … Continue reading [/blʌd/ /muːn/ /raɪz:iz/]

Loudhailer Electric Co. Christmas Party

Forget the cold turkey, c'mon on down to the Loudhailer Electric Co. show at The Adelphi on Sunday 28th December, and party on! Psychedelic West Coast Electric Folk from the Loudhailer Electric Co. feat members of Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine, The Planet Wilson and Celtarabia. Chill out after show screening of 4ourth4loor 'Songs … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Co. Christmas Party