Loudhailer Electric Co. Christmas Party

Forget the cold turkey, c’mon on down to the Loudhailer Electric Co. show at The Adelphi on Sunday 28th December, and party on!


Psychedelic West Coast Electric Folk from the Loudhailer Electric Co. feat members of Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine, The Planet Wilson and Celtarabia.

Chill out after show screening of 4ourth4loor ‘Songs from the Fourth Floor’ electronica album videos. Soak up the atmospheric films which accompany the album tracks.

And with support from Anarchist Rob’s Anarchy Hanky Panky Show with Right on Cue theatre group…anything could happen…

“Raw hard-edged sound and screaming guitars of the Loudhailer Electric Co. were light years away from psychedelia as I remember it and all the better for it! A new sound is among us!” – Sheila Jones

“I loved the set to bits…The feel was perfect.” – Fred Gill

“Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…I loved it!” – Rob Eunson

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