Blood Moon Rises (nuvox)

Blood Moon Rises is a collaboration between Glasgow/Hamburg based experimental sound and building designer Asa aka /ˈeɪsər/ who created the musical soundtrack and lyricist/vocalist Lou Loudhailer aka /lu laʊdˈheɪlər/. The wide panned rhythmic heartbeat of the track is taken from Asa's recording when he accidentally left the microphone recording throughout the night while he was … Continue reading Blood Moon Rises (nuvox)

Halloween Blood Moon Rises

It's Halloween ... Follow the instructions... /blʌd/ /muːn/ /raɪz:iz/ /ɪnˈstrʌkʃnz/ /ˈhedfəʊnz/ /(ə)n/ /dɑːrk/ /ruːm/ Music: /ˈeɪsər/ Voice: /ˌlaʊdˈheɪlər/ Vision: /ef:wai/ /nuːlænd:ɜː(r)/ /ˈziːlənd: ɜː(r)/ Loudhailer website


A week in Northumberland - coast, sea, big skies, kites, walks, amazing views, castles, books, rock pools, wildlife, shells, sandcastles, beach treasure, weather, The Piper's Pitch and The Ship Inn - all great for songwriting... Rich took hundreds of photographs. Here's a gallery of some of them. I took a handful, they are in the gallery … Continue reading Northumberland

Contact Juggling in Glasgow

We had a brilliant time visiting Asa in Glasgow. He lives in a great place - just near the Glasgow School of Art. He showed us round the Great Western Road and the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Asa surprised us yet again with something new to add to his repertoire, and Dexter jammed along...have a look...   … Continue reading Contact Juggling in Glasgow

Loudhailer Acoustic September 2014 plus…

Well, it's been a mega musical weekend! Rich and I kicked off by playing a cool acoustic set as part of a really ace line up at reGOCnition festival on Friday night, and closed the weekend with a storming Loudhailer Electric Co. outing on the main stage at Hull Folk Festival this afternoon. Yesterday was a … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic September 2014 plus…

Asa’s Mad World

Here's a photo of Asa's debut performance. It was at Loudhailer Acoustic on Saturday 13th August. He played and sung Mad World, and it was lovely. I was so entranced that I forgot tot take a photo, but luckily Karl took this. Later on Dexter said that he got the biggest round of applause he … Continue reading Asa’s Mad World