We kicked off 2022 at O’Riley’s recording a live show reel with the Loudhailer Electric Company in January. We ventured out for the first gig in February as Dexter guested with Lyn Acton’s band at the William Gemmell for Hull Jazz and then Kayhan Kalhor at the NCEM in York. In March Agent Starling released … Continue reading 2022 IN MUSIC

Ensemble Moliere – Good Soup – NCEM 12.12.2022

At the National Early Music Centre in York, Ensemble Moliere put on an absolutely fabulous show - we loved it. This is from their programme notes: "Good Soup is an exploration of Molière’s world, both through his words and the music of his time. To celebrate 400 years since his birth, Ensemble Molière joins forces … Continue reading Ensemble Moliere – Good Soup – NCEM 12.12.2022

The Unfinished Violin at the NCEM

The Unfinished Violin - carved by Richard S Howard, played by Sam Sweeney at York NCEM Rich and Dexter and I had a terrific night out this week at York NCEM to see Sam Sweeney perform his album The Unfinished Violin. Sam has put a superb band together for the show, with beautiful and powerful … Continue reading The Unfinished Violin at the NCEM

Kayhan Kalhor by Dexter

Dexter here. Last night I went to the best gig I’ve ever been to! Me, my mum and dad went to see Kayhan Kalhor on the kamancheh playing with Fariborz Kiani on the tonbek at the National Early Music Centre. The night weaved in and out of rhythmic pizzicato and beautiful legato deep bowing. The … Continue reading Kayhan Kalhor by Dexter

Kayhan Kalhor

The three of us went to see the stunning Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Bahrami Fard at York NCEM. I like Dexter’s post here…

Dexter's Magic

Kayhan Kahlor and Ali Bahrami Fard Kayhan Kahlor and Ali Bahrami Fard

On Thursday 5th June I went to see Kayhan Kahlor in a church in the centre of York; the National Centre for Early Music. Kayhan plays an Iranian instrument called the Kamancheh. It is a Persian violin or Persian spike fiddle played like a small cello. He did a duet with a man named Ali Bahrami Fard who played a bass santur, which is like the in side of a piano and you hit strings with little hammers. The duet was an hour and a half with total improvisation. I sat on the front row.

The music was unbelievable it was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

At the end he and Ali bowed and Kayhan smiled at me and they went off.


I met him after the show he came and said hi he gave me a big hug…

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More late nights and early music…

  We were lucky enough to see Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI play at York University last night as part of the NCEM Early Music Festival. The concert was superb, a dream come true. They did three well deserved encores and were very friendly and welcoming. Rich took these photos. Click on the images to … Continue reading More late nights and early music…