Loudhailer Acoustic March 2020

Thanks to everyone who came to Loudhailer Acoustic this month, it was an especially entertaining evening. Rich & I opened up with Jeff and we all had a super night with great performances and collaborations from Pete McLeod, Maggie Graham, Dez Allenby, Steve Silver Fox Waudby, Jim Orwin, Jeff Parsons, Syd Young's Loudhailer premiere, Brian … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic March 2020

Loudhailer Acoustic May 2014

Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen at last night's Loudhailer Acoustic. It was great to catch up with some regular guests and fantastic to welcome newer performers and great audience who brought a fab friendly vibe along. There were so many amazing and varied performances and stunning songwriting that it really did feel … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic May 2014

Loudhailer Acoustic November 2013

We had another candlelit night of good music and good vibes last night at Loudhailer Acoustic. There was a surprising amount of stand up thrown in for good measure so plenty of grinning and groaning too. Rich & I got the ball rolling with Gloria Mundi (Loup Garou and maybe even the odd weredeer to … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic November 2013

Loudhailer Acoustic September 2013

What a cracking session and a great crowd it was last night at Loudhailer Acoustic. I opened up with one of Gifford Rolfe's songs. It's one of my favourites of Gifford's many superbly crafted songs. Called 'She Didn't Come Home', it's about the Yorkshire Ripper.  I find it an extremely moving and unsettling song which … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic September 2013