Agent Starling’s Northern Lights

Agent Starling's festive winter video is released today - Northern Lights Get the full winter festival trilogy of songs from Bandcamp here: One star shines in the northern skyOver frozen tundra, sharpAnd my breath withers in the airI blink over snowThe star is goneThe north wind doth blow Inside outside step through the … Continue reading Agent Starling’s Northern Lights

Delores County Ride

Brand new video released today, Delores County Ride is our Agent Starling tribute to the women who hop trains in Arno Bitschy’s film This Train I Ride. From Agent Starling's debut album, European Howl, available from Bandcamp now: Agent Starling: Quentin Budworth hurdy-gurdy, other instruments/voice Lou Loudhailer. Video by Quentin Budworth. Audio: mastered … Continue reading Delores County Ride