Loudhailer Acoustic August 2015

What an exciting night we had at Loudhailer Acoustic this month with an astounding variety of music and performance. I felt like we’d been on a journey round the world by the end of the night. Rich and I opened the show with a couple of our new Wild West songs before we headed straight … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic August 2015

Songs of Freedom at The Warren

What a fantastic three days working alongside MC and song writer Redeye and DJ and Liam van Rijn on The Warren Young People’s Centre's 'Songs of Freedom' project. The aim was to give young people an opportunity to tell their story through music, song-writing and performance. It was a bold creative fight-back against government cuts and youth poverty and 35 … Continue reading Songs of Freedom at The Warren

Filey Folk Festival – Loudhailer Seaside Special

All aboard for our next event! Loudhailer Seaside Special at Filey Folk Festival, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May 2 pm – 8 pm. A host of fantastic acoustic music, bar and candle lit tables, great vibes, bring a picnic.  Free entry.  It will be bursting at the seams with live music in Filey during the first weekend of … Continue reading Filey Folk Festival – Loudhailer Seaside Special

Loudhailer Acoustic March 2015

It was another evening of magical moments at Loudhailer Acoustic last night. Thanks to everyone who came to listen to the music and to everyone who came to play. The audience was treated to a first half of excellent and eclectic sets from old friend Tim O’Connor (English protest songs, Poacher’s Night) followed by the … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic March 2015

Refugee – Sunday Morning Sketch, finished!

It was after the workshop Rich & I did for Refugee Week - when everyone wrote poems - that I found I had some words on the go too. So, the following Sunday morning I figured out a piano accompaniment. I recorded a sketch on my Walkman, and that was the title sorted: Refugee - … Continue reading Refugee – Sunday Morning Sketch, finished!

Loudhailer Acoustic November 2013

We had another candlelit night of good music and good vibes last night at Loudhailer Acoustic. There was a surprising amount of stand up thrown in for good measure so plenty of grinning and groaning too. Rich & I got the ball rolling with Gloria Mundi (Loup Garou and maybe even the odd weredeer to … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic November 2013