Cross Borders

How lovely it was to catch up with our buddy Nahro at the Cross Borders concert at Hull Truck last week. Part of the Amy Johnson Festival, it was a beautiful and evocative evening of music and video projections depicting a dialogue between Hull and Kurdistan. When Dexter was a baby, Nahro was the first person he heard playing the violin. He loved it then and it inspired him to want to learn to play. So it was especially good for him to experience this most absorbing live performance of Dave Gawthorpe’s engaging compositions and Nahro’s superb violin.

Dex, Nahro and Dave Windass Crossing Borders
Dex, Nahro and Dave W
Nahro Zagros and Dave Gawthorpe Crossing Borders
Violinist, Nahro and composer, Dave G
Nahro Zagros Crossing Borders
Nahro and film

Music by The Zagros Band:

Nahro Zagros – Violin
Andy Swift – Bass
Simon Higley – Percussion
Dave Gawthorpe – Guitar
Amanda Cawley – Keyboards

Interlude music produced by Max Jung (Sevenlocks)

Projections by Jay Moy

Inspired by Amy Johnson’s leg of her journey through the Middle East, Cross Borders re-visits the landscapes 75 years on – instigating a compelling dialogue between artists living in Hull and Kurdistan.

Localised perspectives and intercultural exchanges merge to disclose a unique and stark commentary upon current global concerns through an evocative synergy of newly composed music, live video projections and footage of performances recorded in Kurdistan.”

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page


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