Richard Strange

Richard Strange’s Strange – and Wonderful – Stories


Richard Strange’s Doctors Of Madness were amongst the first bands I saw, they were out there, a dramatic British beat generation band, most influential.  I had no idea what amazing adventures had befallen him since then until this week at his fabulous show at Kardomah94. His evening of thick and fast tales, dotted with songs, readings and video snippets was enlightening, funny and even horrifying. I loved it – it’s still all sinking in, a hugely entertaining night.

Rich and I opened the show with some acoustic songs and stories of our own, lots of fun. Rich took the photographs, except for the one of us, thanks to Charles Shepherd for that.

Thanks to Opher Goodwin for putting the night together and inviting us to play and for this ghostly photo

Rich and Lou

Visit Richard Strange’s website here and our home page here

And just before we go, here are two photos of the Doctors of Madness taken by our friend Steve Abbot on February 24th 1976 at Portsmouth Guildhall when they were on the bill with Bill Nelson & Be Bop Deluxe.


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