The Adventures of the Leconauts Season 7

Season 3 of the continuing chronicles of the Loudhailer Electric Company mothership and crew. Starring Leconauts Captain Lou Loudhailer, Sonic Architect Parsons, Ricardo the Astral Bard and Bombardier Walker.  Follow the adventurous antics of the Leconauts traversing the galaxy and encountering a myriad of marvellous musical lifeforms and dastardly villains as they venture forth to perform at … Continue reading The Adventures of the Leconauts Season 7

Loudhailer Acoustic February 2016

It was half time when I arrived at Loudhailer Acoustic last night, straight from Dexter’s school. Rich was holding the fort and I was struck by the great atmosphere in the room, everyone chatting and having a beer, it was great to be there albeit late. Graham Graham Beck opened the second half with a … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic February 2016