Hallowed Ground

We had a great trip up the Holme Valley to see Terra Fin's new set at Hallowed Ground, an evening of music and art in St David's Hall, Holmbridge. Corey and Jonas had invited us, and we were thrilled to see their new mesmerising electronic Terra Fin set. The art of Andrew Holden set the … Continue reading Hallowed Ground

Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering #2

A big high five to everybody who joined the Loudhailer Electric Company gathering at Kardomah94 last night. We had a blast! Special thanks to Freetownway promotions, Matthew Lund on the desk, the mighty Terra Fin for opening the show with a fantastic set, first time in Hull and certainly not the last. Next up for all you space rockers out there we're opening for the Hawklords at The … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Company Psychedelic Gathering #2

Kalandra and Robert Sharp

We had a terrific visit to the first day of the Holmfirth Festival of Folk, especially to see Robert Sharp's first gig with the band - Christine Avis on cello, vocalist Georgina Hardcastle, Jonas Lapinas on electric guitar and Corey Clough-Howard on bass. The band treated us to a superb set of album tracks and … Continue reading Kalandra and Robert Sharp

Corey on Bass

This is Terra Fin with my son Corey on bass. Look at them go! I love this video. They are brilliant. https://www.facebook.com/jonas.lapinas.9/videos/10208409602710789/ Jonas and Corey... Jonas: Over a year ago I've started a band called Terra Fin with Corey Clough-Howard and Matt Porter. I've had indescribable experiences on and off the stage with these guys as … Continue reading Corey on Bass

Terra Fin went to Lithuania

Here's Jonas and Corey (two thirds of the awesome Terra Fin) just before they went to play at The Liverpool Indie/Rock Bar in Vilnius, Lithuania  recently. And here is a clip of them at the gig - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q9My5d7SMQ Click to visit Terra Fin on Facebook Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page