Loudhailer Electric Company Live


Going Down – Saturday February 20th 2016: Psychedelic gathering with the Loudhailer Electric Company – featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine and The Planet Wilson. Plus underground acid folk with Dez Allenby of the legendary 70’s English folk acid trio, ‘Forest’, playing original Forest songs. Prepare to have your mind blown by L.A.D Events Limited’s full room psychedelic light show.

Doors 8.00 pm Tickets available now, £8 from us, or the venue, Kardomah94, Alfred Gelder St, Hull, tel 01482 317941
LECo Website  https://loudhailer.net/lec/
“Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…”


Going Down – December 10th 2015: The mighty spaceship Loudhailer Electric Company docked at the space station Adelphi on Thursday 10 December, where Admiral Paul Jackson authorised us to unleash our goodvibe guns and euphoria torpedoes! Thanks to everyone who came with us as we went boldly forth into the cosmic ether. It was a blast!


Loudhailer Electric Company 10.12.15

Rich Duffy-Howard – Spoken Word, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar & Bass.

Jeff Parsons – Groovetastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts.

Lou Duffy-Howard – Psychedelic Singing, Mind Expanding Bass & Acoustic Guitar

Rich Walker – Drums and Colossal Fills Specialist.

Chris Heron – Maestro of the Violin Loop Station.

Thanks to Opher for taking the photographs, and Rich in the lightroom. Click on an image to get the full psychedelic picture and scroll on man…

LECo 10.12.15.
Freak Out with the Loudhailer Electric Company!