Zach’s Marimba Jive Party and WIP

Great first gig of 2018, big high five to Zach for organising Off the Road at the Jaz bar Hull and putting together a great line up, Rich & Lou's Loudhailer, Work In Progress, Zach's Marimba Jive Party and the Psychedelic Skiffle Band. We had a blast and enjoyed the whole afternoon, thanks to Zach … Continue reading Zach’s Marimba Jive Party and WIP

Loudhailer Acoustic June 2015

It was a lovely chilled evening at Loudhailer Acoustic this time with time for three songs from all the performers in the first set and even another round after the break. We took the opportunity to open the show with our new Dark Guitar and a swinging set. Joan took some photos of us rockin' out. Gifford Rolfe … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic June 2015

Loudhailer at Cottingham Springboard Festival – photos/review.

Thanks to Opher at for his review and photos!

Opher's World

IMG_1978Rich and Lou are stalwarts of the Hull Music Scene. Their Loudhailer pairing is both original and dynamic. Lou has forsaken the bass of her Red Guitars days to take up an acoustic guitar with occasional harp. The duo perform a high power set of numbers, all of which are highly original, to create a scintillating spectacle. Rich is powerful with a series of dynamic chords that augment Lou’s intense vocals and weave in with her guitar work.

They look the part too! They both do a neat line in shirts, coloured jeans and boots. Rich’s boots have little holes in them!

If you haven’t seen them you ought to. Cottingham was fortunate to be on the receiving end of two sets of great expertise. They combine musicianship with great songwriting. They were dynamic and entertaining as well as having quality stamped through them. They need to come to wider…

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Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer at Springboard

It was Cottingham Springboard last weekend. We played a set of murder songs on the Africa Studio stage at the Cross Keys. There was a great sound and vibe on the stage, thanks to Dave and Matt and the crew and to our music friends who came to the gig. Later on we played a set … Continue reading Rich and Lou’s Loudhailer at Springboard

Loudhailer Acoustic December 2014

What a lovely chilled night we had at Loudhailer Acoustic last night. Thanks to everyone who came to play and listen to the music. Rich and I opened the evening with two songs from our album The Auricula Suite, In the Greenwood and Dressed in Blue before we were treated to some top music from a … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic December 2014

Loudhailer Acoustic November 2014

It was cold outside, but warm and cosy in The Back Room last night at Loudhailer Acoustic. There was a great audience to appreciate a fabulous range of acoustic music, quality songwriting and some familiar classics from a host of performers - 11 amazing sets of three songs. After rocking out last month Rich and … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic November 2014