John Peel Tribute Weekend at the Adelphi

This weekend Rich & I are playing a Rich & Lou’s Loudhailer set at the Adelphi in Hull as part the Keeping it Peel tribute weekend to the late, great John Peel. John did more for bands and music – over many years – than anyone else. As with hundreds of bands he championed The Red Guitars. Without him we would never have had such a great time writing, recording and gigging. The BBC sessions at Maida Vale were brilliant fun and are now legendary. What a fantastic exciting time it was. A bunch of us in Hull were lucky enough to meet John when he came here to film a TV programme as part of a series which was originally called Peel Off The Ring Road. Here are some photos from the film and you can see the show on Youtube below.

Rich and I are playing at 6 ish on Sunday 27th. There’s loads going on all weekend from 3 pm both days and we’re looking forward to watching loads of bands.

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