Hull700, Red Hot Fiesta, Wilberforce 2007

So, I shut down my computer at Hull City Council for the last time last week, after over 24 years of managing some ace projects and working in some top teams there. While clearing my drive I found dozens of great photos, all sorts of things including the Red Hot Fiestas - the city carnival … Continue reading Hull700, Red Hot Fiesta, Wilberforce 2007

John Peel Tribute 2013

Thanks to Ian for all his hard work putting on the John Peel Tribute Weekend at The Hull Adelphi Club this year. Rich and I played a Loudhailer set and enjoyed watching the bands Keeping it Peel on Sunday evening. Lots of good sets, here's Ian introducing Lindsey Simpson, click on the image to enlarge... … Continue reading John Peel Tribute 2013

John Peel Tribute Weekend at the Adelphi

This weekend Rich & I are playing a Rich & Lou's Loudhailer set at the Adelphi in Hull as part the Keeping it Peel tribute weekend to the late, great John Peel. John did more for bands and music - over many years - than anyone else. As with hundreds of bands he championed The Red Guitars. … Continue reading John Peel Tribute Weekend at the Adelphi

The late, great John Peel

Rich & Lou's Loudhailer at John Peel Tribute Gig In Hull  Rich and I  are playing at a brilliant weekend of music taking place at the end of October to pay tribute to the late great and lovely guy John Peel. We are playing a Loudhailer set at The New Adelphi Club on Sunday 27th October at … Continue reading The late, great John Peel