Celtarabia rocked the Kardomah!

Celtarabia at Kardomah94 1There was a Celtarabia multimedia wild fusion dance trance party down at Hull’s Kardomah94 on Friday night. I absolutely love playing my bass with such a great bunch of friends and superb musicians. Led by hurdy gurdy maestro Quentin Budworth, and the dulcimer dudess, Amanda Lowe, we had a super high energy home town party gig to a packed house and a backdrop of the Armenian classic surreal film, The Colour of Pomegranates and Georges Méliès’ seminal science fiction movie, Le Voyage Dans la Lun.

Celtarabia’s wild fusion of Arabic, Andalucian, Celtic, Medieval music and contemporary beats is just fantastic feel good music. We always have a ball on stage, great fun! The set creeps in with the atmospheric sounds of Quentin’s gurdy drone and Mandi’s sparkling dulcimer and from the moment Alan and I pile in with some huge dub grooves the dancing starts. It was brilliant when Steve, our didge master stepped up on stage, and then after a set of beautiful dulcimer melodies, violinist Chris joined us for some gurdy led tunes and stomping tribal beats to take it through to the end of the night.

A big shout out to everyone who came and danced the night away. We loved the fabulous atmosphere and groovy dancing right from the first beat.

Thanks to Matt Lund and Mikey Scott for getting us a great sound both on and off the stage, it was ace to look out and see them boogying away at the mixing desk. Thanks to our opening performer, and impromptu guest violinist, Christopher Heron and his remarkable violin and guitar loop station tunes.

Celtarabia at Kardomah94:
Quentin Budworth – hurdy gurdy, cittern and kaossilator
Amanda Lowe – hammer dulcimer and vocals
Lou Duffy-Howard – bass guitar and backing vocals
Alan Raw – drums
Steve Wright – didgeridoo
Chris Heron – guest violin

Photographs – Rich Duffy-Howard. Click on an image to see the full picture and scroll on…

Keep on scrolling….Mandi and I did a lot of leaning back…

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