Posher than Strange

I was Posh & Strange last night with my Posher than Strange band buddies, celebrating International Women’s Day with our debut performance at Hull Adelphi as part of the most excellent AWAYKE 5. We enjoyed a fantastic line up of Emily Pepsi Thomson, Michelle Dee, Emma Fee, Emma Rugg and The Dyr Sister before we hit the stage.

Posh 18We had a blast! Lisa excelled as the Divine Diva and my favourite part was when the audience gave a spontaneous round of applause when she totally cut it with the rap in Rapture. Claire and Lyn were cool on the keys and violin and here’s to Ysabelle’s first time out on the drum kit – we are a rhythm section!

Have a look through this gallery of Rich’s photos which show what a great time we all had…

‘Posher than Strange’ are a group of women who rework the Diva themes, creating a performance that is as eccentric as it is cool…

…but sometimes we seem to be quite normal….

Yssi, Claire, Lisa, Lou, Lyn

Lisa Wedgner – Creative lead vocalist who brings a broad range of influences and a dollop of humour to this group. Lisa loves music by Billy Holliday and PJ Harvey and revels in delivering a Beyonce hit.

Lou Duffy-Howard – Former Planet Wilson resident and Red Guitars bassist, Lou loves music from Jefferson Airplane and JAMC to Jordi Savall.

Ysabelle Wombwell – Singer-songwriter based in Hull exploring a multitude of genres including reggae, folk and rock whilst staying true to pop ideals giving percussive support to this ensemble.

Claire Brennan – Accompanying pianist whose musicality is matched by an equal measure of comic timing, Claire loves playing anything from Cole Porter, Chopin and Lunch Money Lewis.

Lynn Spence – The newest member of the band and bringing 20 years’ experience of playing. Lynn is influenced by Andrea Rieu and Mr Fiddle.

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our Home Page



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