Morpheus Launch Night

Loudhailer Electric Company Morpheus launch night

Thanks to everyone who came to our Loudhailer Electric Company Midsummer Night’s Scream night out on the summer solstice.  We had a terrific night, a triple header live music night where we launched our new EP Morpheus into the æther to a full house. First up Jackson D, unique voice, cool cats with stylish songs and hints of Twin Peaks, followed by Sleeperman, classic guitar and poem songs, imagine the Bad Seeds meet Alan Bennett. And then Loudhailer Electric Company’s set – flangectors were set to stun and we played right through the Morpheus EP with an array of extras to boot.  Everybody played their socks off, so now we are all walking about barefoot.

Thanks to Sydpix for a super set of photos. Have a look through the gallery:

It was our last gig at Kardomah94, a brilliant venue and artspace which has inspired and supported all things creative in Hull like nothing else in recent years. So let’s hear it for Mal Scott and all the staff, Matt Lund who once again did a brilliant job on the sound and lights, and thanks to James and the team in the restaurant.


So, here’s Morpheus! Let us know if you want a limited edition CD. See you soon!

Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard, Loudhailer UK – Visit our Home Page


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