Jackson D – Face

It was our buddy Jackson D's album launch last night. With a cool cat sound, a huge voice and a bag full of the most catchy killer songs, Jackson D and ace percussionist Zachary Theodorou played a storming show to an invited audience at The Back Room. Joined by Sarah Shiels on bass for a couple of … Continue reading Jackson D – Face

Jackson D

I had loadsa fun guesting on a song with the fabulous Jackson D at the weekend, the coolest show in town. Here we are  playing Hit Girl, top sounds! Here's the gallery, click and scroll... Rich also took these photos of The Mighty and The Moon who were up next... Rich and Lou Duffy-Howard – Visit our … Continue reading Jackson D

Jackson D

Here's our buddy Jackson D, special guest at The Dark Secrets album launch at Kardomah94 last night. Amazing 50s Goth Psyche Blues, with the splendid Zach Theodorou on percussion and guest appearances by John Dixon on guitar and Linda on bass. Think of Twin Peaks, Johnny Cash, Sisters of Mercy, Nick Cave, Elvis Presley and … Continue reading Jackson D

Loudhailer Electric Company Live

Going Down - Saturday February 20th 2016: Psychedelic gathering with the Loudhailer Electric Company - featuring members of seminal cult bands Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine and The Planet Wilson. Plus underground acid folk with Dez Allenby of the legendary 70's English folk acid trio, 'Forest', playing original Forest songs. Prepare to have your mind blown … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Company Live

Loudhailer Acoustic August 2015

What an exciting night we had at Loudhailer Acoustic this month with an astounding variety of music and performance. I felt like we’d been on a journey round the world by the end of the night. Rich and I opened the show with a couple of our new Wild West songs before we headed straight … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic August 2015