‘Stunning’ Open Bridges film showcase at Beverley Art Gallery

Very pleased that the Open Bridges film with musique concrete soundtrack will be screened at Beverley Art Gallery (in the Beverley Treasure House) from tomorrow. If you call into the gallery you can see it – and a whole galleryful of art – free of charge, normal opening times, late opening til 8pm Tues and Thurs.

Here’s the trailer:

Find out more at the link…

Open Bridges

Press release from East Riding of Yorkshire Council issued on behalf of Open Bridges: ‘Stunning’ Open Bridges film showcase at Beverley Art Gallery

A ‘stunning and unique’ film documenting the day Hull was split in two by the Open Bridges project will be screened in the Art Gallery at Beverley’s Treasure House this month.

The 20-minute film, which is free to view and open to the public in normal gallery hours, will be on continuous loop from Thursday, May 10th until mid-June as part of a new display.

Produced for Open Bridges by Humber Film, the film is a multi-camera aural and musical documentary showing how all 13 of Hull’s bridges were raised, swung or closed simultaneously for the first time at 20:17 hours on the autumnal equinox 2017, splitting the city in two during Hull City of Culture’s Freedom Season.

The project was a logistical and artistic…

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Open Bridges Exhibition Notes #1

Photos and observations from our day at the Open Bridges exhibition yesterday. There’s been a lot of questions about the “Engines and Insects” art photography part of the exhibition. The images follow the photographer Horst P Horst who first published the technique in Patterns from Nature in 1946. Rich created them digitally using basic darkroom techniques, not an app – the pictures are as hand made as they can be!

Open Bridges

We’ve had many visitors to the Open Bridges exhibition at Scale Lane Bridge and many fascinating conversations with local people who’ve worked the river for years as well as  visitors from out of town. One of the recurring themes is the importance and the beauty of the river Hull from different perspectives such as “it’s special because it’s untouched and industrial” to “why do we name our city after a river we care so little about?” One of the team members who closed Myton Bridge to traffic on the Open Bridges night visited and said he’d met people on Myton when the city split in two who spoke emotionally of the importance and meaning the event had for them.

H.320 The Arctic Corsair

There’s been a lot of questions about the “Engines and Insects” art photography part of the exhibition. The images follow the photographer Horst P Horst who first published the technique in…

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Open Bridges Film and Exhibition

We are delighted with the launch of the Open Bridges film and exhibition yesterday, thanks to the whole team! It was a packed house at Kardomah94 to see the film and then over to Scale Lane Bridge for the opening for the exhibition. The Open Bridges film is made by Humber Film Creative Community and Octovision … Continue reading Open Bridges Film and Exhibition

Open Bridges Hull – We Did It!

Open Bridges - we did it! All 13 of Hull’s bridges closed for one minute at 20.17 on the autumnal equinox 2017! Big high five to the whole of the Open Bridges team and everybody who came to the Stage@The Dock. The vessels were awesome, the concert sold out and was fabulous. Open Bridges is a … Continue reading Open Bridges Hull – We Did It!

Introducing Open Bridges

Rich and I are delighted to be working with a terrific group of partners on our new project - Open Bridges, exploring Hull's unique river landscape and the culture which has grown up around it. You might have heard something about it... "Open Bridges – Hull City of Culture 2017 to be split in two … Continue reading Introducing Open Bridges