The Planet Wilson Remain On Board

The Planet Wilson - Red Guitars Hallam Lewis and Lou Duffy-Howard joined by drummer Grant Ardis. Quite clearly we feel it is imperative to Remain Inside. Here, we are in an imagined dystopian future where we can’t get back in. I Remain Outside is from The Planet Wilson's second album Not Drowning But Waving, released … Continue reading The Planet Wilson Remain On Board

The Planet Wilson

Look what else came to light following the treasure trove of Be-Bop Deluxe and Lynyrd Skynyrd photos hiding within Guy Peellaert's Rock Dreams...a host of Planet Wilson negatives from a photo shoot to promote our albums, In The Best Of All Possible Worlds and Not Drowning But Waving. So, here we are, Hal and Grant and I. … Continue reading The Planet Wilson

In the Club!

I am delighted to be in the club - The Tuesday Club that is! Back in the day when I was in The Planet Wilson we played at The Flag in Wembley. We always had a top night thanks to Roger Millington on the desk. Well, the very same Rogerio Marauder is now keyboard player extraordinaire … Continue reading In the Club!