Loudhailer Electric Company

Yet more terrific Loudhailer Electric Company photos from the lens of Paul Newbon. There’s Jeff with his fabulous pink flamingo suit and array of axes, me rockin’ and rollin’, Rich chopping those chords, Chris poised for his vibrionic violin solo and outta sight but sounding amazing and playing a stormer of a gig, Rich on the kit. We had a great time – here’s to the next one!

Loudhailer Electric Company’s first psychedelic gathering at Kardomah94:

Rich Duffy-Howard – Spoken Word, Death Defying Acoustic Guitar & Bass.
Jeff Parsons – Groovetastic Guitars, Electrifying Licks and Kaleidoscopic Shirts.
Lou Duffy-Howard – Psychedelic Singing, Mind Expanding Bass & Acoustic Guitar
Rich Walker – Drums and Colossal Fills Specialist.
Chris Heron – Maestro of the Violin Loop Station.


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