Intimate Classics in the City #2

Last night's concert - Flute Fantasia - was the second Intimate Classics in the City concert at St Mary’s Church, Lowgate  organised by cellist Thomas Bertolotti, whose vision is to make high quality classical music more accessible, bringing international artists into the city and showcasing new young musicians. Ivan Alekhin & Kate Bateman - from Russia and America - … Continue reading Intimate Classics in the City #2

Songs of Freedom 2

What an awesome three days of Songs of Freedom 2 Workshops at The Warren young people's centre in Hull.  The sessions were full of amazing young people who worked with the tutors, Redeye Feenix, Ysabelle Wombwell, Liam Van Rijn and me to write, record and perform a host of superb songs about power and powerlessness in … Continue reading Songs of Freedom 2

Lo-Tech Music for Hi-Tech People

There was a special CD launch at Filey the other weekend when Graham Graham Beck's fabulous album - Lo Tech Music for Hi Tech People - hit the water and was blown across the boating pond on a little plastic seaside yacht. Rich and I were especially excited by the launch. We are thrilled that Graham invited … Continue reading Lo-Tech Music for Hi-Tech People

Hull700, Red Hot Fiesta, Wilberforce 2007

So, I shut down my computer at Hull City Council for the last time last week, after over 24 years of managing some ace projects and working in some top teams there. While clearing my drive I found dozens of great photos, all sorts of things including the Red Hot Fiestas - the city carnival … Continue reading Hull700, Red Hot Fiesta, Wilberforce 2007

Loudhailer Electric Co. Christmas Party

Forget the cold turkey, c'mon on down to the Loudhailer Electric Co. show at The Adelphi on Sunday 28th December, and party on! Psychedelic West Coast Electric Folk from the Loudhailer Electric Co. feat members of Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine, The Planet Wilson and Celtarabia. Chill out after show screening of 4ourth4loor 'Songs … Continue reading Loudhailer Electric Co. Christmas Party