Loudhailer Acoustic January 2015

Life, the Universe and Everything! Thanks to everyone who prised themselves and the relatives from their sherry in front of the TV repeats to come to the first Loudhailer Acoustic of 2015. It was brilliant to welcome so many new people in the audience who came to listen to the music for the first time, … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic January 2015

Loudhailer Acoustic April 2014

What a lovely evening at this month's Loudhailer Acoustic once again. We were treated to terrific tunes from new and familiar friends, an awesome audience and an enviable spread of cakes - strawberry, coffee and walnut, carrot cake, chocolate cookies, peanut butter delights, Bev's butterfly muffins, and Irene's most delectable cheese scones. Yum. Rich & … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic April 2014

Loudhailer Acoustic February 2014

A big thanks to everyone who came to Loudhailer Acoustic last night. It was a bumper edition of music, tea, coffee and cakes in a candlelit atmosphere and with a lovely audience as ever.  We had a packed room and a record number of performances, but still managed to squeeze in three songs from everyone. … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic February 2014

Loudhailer Acoustic Christmas 2013

It's the first anniversary of Loudhailer Acoustic at Willerby Methodist Hall this month and to celebrate we had a record number of performers at last night's splendid seasonal session. Rich and I have made so many real good friends at the acoustic sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's terrific sets every month. It has been a … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic Christmas 2013

Loudhailer Acoustic September 2013

What a cracking session and a great crowd it was last night at Loudhailer Acoustic. I opened up with one of Gifford Rolfe's songs. It's one of my favourites of Gifford's many superbly crafted songs. Called 'She Didn't Come Home', it's about the Yorkshire Ripper.  I find it an extremely moving and unsettling song which … Continue reading Loudhailer Acoustic September 2013

Brother Songs – Loudhailer Acoustic August 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to Loudhailer Acoustic last night. Rich was sorry he couldn't make it as he was hoping to wear his new shirt to rival the likes of Jeff and Gifford...so be sure to be prepared next time (and have a look at the gallery below for a sneaky preview) I had … Continue reading Brother Songs – Loudhailer Acoustic August 2013